Our Speakers

Hannes Theisl

Erste Group Bank AG

Head of Robotics Competence Centre

End2end Automation with the right Digi Tools Mix

  • Find the right tool mix to get out the maximum of your automation
  • From simple back-office process automation to an E2E automation of complex business processes
  • Digitalization does not stop at technical solutions - it's about changing the style of your work and the whole company culture

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Jure Peljhan

NLB Banka d.d.

COO, Member Of The Management Board

Maximizing performance through Intelligent process automation & Zero-Ops strategy Implementation

  • This case study is about augmenting RPA with AI with the aim of processing unstructured data (intelligent document processing) in the account opening process
  • Solution (AI Builder and Power Automate) captures, analyzes, transforms, and processes data from documents and exports to external systems in an end-to-end process
  • Most business processes are driven by documents, so without automated document processing process automation cannot provide its full potential
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Ali Erciyes


Operations Group Director

Creating Continuous Improvement Culture within Operations

Since customer expectations are changing rapidly and efficiency in processes is more important than ever, we need to create renewing and analyzing operation environment to provide sustainable & continuous improvement.

  • Create an environment and culture to listen, analyze, prioritize and implement the required changes in agile manner instead of yearly or quarterly roadmaps
  • Increasing the flexibility of the structure by hybrid & mixed roles and structures
  • Adopting new improvement culture through the whole operation including management level
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Jitka Haubova

Komerční banka

Chief Operations Officer

Digitalization, Agile and Flexible working in the #MiddleBackOffices

KB has successfully deployed almost all new SWs in the #Payment area and launched #Digitalization, #Automation, #Agile and #HomeOffice working in the #MiddleBackOffices where we have moved from manual and repeated paper-based work to having flexible teams with:

  • A unified E2E digital task workflow
  • An incorporated measurable #metrics
  • Automated processes and robots
  • The implementation of #LeanAgile management throughout 700 colanguages
  • An #ESG dematerialization activity to reduce the volume of old documents by scanning to make docs accessible electronically

These steps have enabled us to save costs and maintain high client standards despite increased transactional flow - A BIG THANK TO OUR CUSTOMER FOR THE TRUST

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Wolfgang Rachbauer

Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Lending Operations Lead

Generation Operations: A Life in the Fast Lane

  • Transform Operations, increase efficiency and flatten hierarchy with agile methods and mindset
  • Boost Customer Experience through transactional feedback and deal reviews
  • Implementing OKR as performance management for Generation Operations
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Nouamane Cherkaoui

BPCE Solutions Informatique

Author & Chief Transformation Officer

Fostering a Culture of Digital Transformation by Leveraging New Technologies is Mandatory to Embody Bank 4.0?

  • Which ways to foster a service & people-centric digital culture?
  • How is technological innovation breaking down barriers & increasing access to financial services?
  • How technologies are transforming client culture?
  • Why fostering a culture of innovation must be a top priority for it leaders to support digital transformation?
  • Why banks 4.0 should deliver more value for clients?
Nouamane Cherkaoui Photo BPCE Solutions Informatique Logo
In the back office, change happens quickly. The worldwide pandemic has influenced banks' views on their business practices in several aspects. Now, the back office has a responsibility and an opportunity due to digital and user-centricity. Finding new business process management (BPM) techniques that may streamline operations while upholding performance and compliance standards has become essential. Pronovea is bringing together global banking industry decision-makers to discuss and exchange best practices and strategic insights and to collaborate and help in facing significant challenges in operational excellence to adapt with speed in the ever-changing market environment.