Event Highlights

Here is a summary of everything you need to know about our summit

Topic Highlights

  • Shift in Back Office function: Reactive to Collaborative
  • Empowering Back Office Operations to Drive Strategy and Shape the Future of Banks
  • Back Office 4.0: Driving Digital Transformation
  • Achieving Operational Excellence Using Lean Six Sigma
  • Zero Operations Bank: Dream State or Future Reality?
  • Transforming Back Office Into an Innovation Hub
  • Revolutionizing Banking Operations with Game-changing Hyper Automation
  • The Internet of Things and Back Office Automation
  • How Generative AI (ChatGPT) Will Transform the Back Office Operations?
  • Cloud Adoption – The future of Back Offices
  • Digital-currencies: Opportunities or Threats to Back Office
  • Financial Crime in Banks: Threats, Challenges and Priorities for Back Office

In response to the pandemic-driven paradigm shift, this summit focuses on redefining Business Process Management (BPM) strategies and amplifying back-office efficiency while adhering to compliance standards. Operational Excellence (OpEx) emerges as a critical focal point, urging banks to recalibrate operations, adopt advanced technologies, and foster cultures of innovation and inclusivity. This third edition strives to facilitate insightful discussions, showcasing best practices to optimize strategies, capabilities, and processes, driving Back Office transformation and achieving Operational Excellence through human expertise and cutting-edge technologies. Join us as we explore exclusive case studies on innovation, agility, and technological integration, while networking opportunities abound for industry leaders across various banking functions.

Network With

Member of Boards, C-level, GMs, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Managing/Senior Directors, Heads of departments, Project Leaders, Consultants from Banks involved in functions including:
  • Back Office
  • Operations
  • Operations Support
  • Operations Strategy
  • Operational Excellence
  • Financial Markets Operation
  • Fund Operations
  • Derivatives Operations
  • Trade Operations (Trading of Securities, Trade Confirmation and Settlement, Regulatory Compliance, Clearing & Settlement)
  • Payment Systems
  • Payment Operations
  • Process Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Shared Services
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Outsourcing, Strategic Planning
  • Business Performance
  • BPM
  • RPA
  • Customer Operations
  • Customer Services
  • Information Technology
  • Technology Operations
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Lean Transformation/Lean Competence Centre
  • Branch Support
  • Global Operating Models and Smart sourcing
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Organization Department
  • HR Operations