Our Speakers

Jonas Ankerstjerne


Executive Vice President – Operations

Fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration and agility to achieve operational excellence

  • Agility
  • Empowerment of Self-Organized teams
  • Digitalization
  • Customer Centricity
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Javier Trujillo


Senior Manager, Operations & Processes Transformation

How to save money and time with Low code and Agile?

  • Accelerated software development, reducing time-to-market for products and services, which can optimize operational efficiency.
  • Improved cross-team collaboration and the ability to easily adapt to changing project requirements, enhancing data-driven decision-making.
  • Efficient cost management and more effective resource allocation, providing cost savings that can be reinvested into data analytics and informed decision-making.
  • Increased user involvement throughout the development cycle and more effective integration of their feedback, resulting in products that better align with operational needs and support data-driven insights.
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Bart van de Sande


Director Customer Care & Operations

What Will Be The Winning Human-tech Formula?

Main Themes:

  • How to create an agile & tech-savvy culture in Operations and Customer Care
  • How to deliver -fast and furious- value to our clients
  • Demo of 2 AI use cases in Customer Care

Interaction: How do we get the message across to new to-be advisors that OPS & Customer are the best jobs in the world?”

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Jose Vivar

Bank of America

SVP - Business Process Optimization Consultant

Achieving Operational Excellence using Lean Six Sigma

  • Culture: Established mission and vision.
  • Leadership: Develop leaders and not managers
  • Empowerment: Let your people take care of your customers
  • Change readiness: Provide awareness and create a desire to implement and sustain change
  • Problem-solving: Support employees to own and solve problems in their span of control
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Dr. Erkut Baloglu

Aktif Bank

Executive Vice President, Customer Solutions

Building An Automated Back Office For Multi-Company Operations

  • Building A Back Office For The Next Generation Businesses
  • Realizing The Potential Of AI & RPA
  • Multi-Company & Multi- National Operations Management
Dr. Erkut Baloglu Photo Aktif Bank Logo

Benjamin Dunne


Head of Operational Outsourcing

People and Transformation Creating a High-performing Operating Model

  • Changing role of people
  • Importance of digitisation
  • Collaboration between people and technology
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In response to the pandemic-driven paradigm shift, this summit focuses on redefining Business Process Management (BPM) strategies and amplifying back-office efficiency while adhering to compliance standards. Operational Excellence (OpEx) emerges as a critical focal point, urging banks to recalibrate operations, adopt advanced technologies, and foster cultures of innovation and inclusivity. This third edition strives to facilitate insightful discussions, showcasing best practices to optimize strategies, capabilities, and processes, driving Back Office transformation and achieving Operational Excellence through human expertise and cutting-edge technologies. Join us as we explore exclusive case studies on innovation, agility, and technological integration, while networking opportunities abound for industry leaders across various banking functions.